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Due to clear abuse as well as unfair financial debt collection methods by debt collection agencies, Congress enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA, was created to remove unreasonable, deceitful, and also abusive debt collection practices. It additionally safeguards debt collection agencies from unfair competition. Additionally, the act protects consumers from abuses in debt collection efforts. The act became effective in March 1978.

The FDCPA applies to the collection of debt incurred by a consumer mostly for personal, family, or household reasons. The FDCPA specifies a debt collector as anyone who routinely collects, or attempts to collect, consumer financial debts for another person or institution or makes use of some name apart from its own when collecting its own consumer debts. The FDCPA does not safeguard borrowers from those that are trying to collect a personal debt. For instance, if you owe money to a company, and the owner tries to collect, he is not a debt collector as defined by the FDCPA.

More importantly, this act applies to third-party debt collection agencies. Examples consist of individuals that work for a debt collector. An important advantage of the Act is the protection to debtors from harassment by such collection agencies, which oftentimes can include threats. Please call our law office if you have any questions or concerns!

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The Fair Debt Collection Act Includes Many Beneficial Components for Michigan Residents.

In summary, creditors are allowed to seek collection of an outstanding debt in numerous methods. The creditor may try collection by interacting with the debtor, filing a lawsuit against the debtor, attempt possession of property, and also by engaging a financial debt collection service. The FDCPA provides debtors with a way for identifying the legitimacy of asserted debts. Fortunately for individuals is the reality that the FDCPA establishes ethical standards for the collection of consumer debts.

Prohibited Practices
Relation to State Law
Furnishing Certain Deceptive Forms
Multiple Debts
Civil Liability
Exemption of State Regulation
Communications in Debt Collection
Validation of Debts
Administrative Enforcement
Examination of Procedures
Legal Actions by Debt Collectors


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